FSB WORD STUDIES GENESIS 1:1-31 incl Ch 2:1-3.

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Hebrew Strong’s Number: 430
Phonetic Pronunciation:el-o-heem’
Root: plural of <H433>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 93c

Designation of deity.
God with a large G represents the true God of Creation, god with a small g represents pagan or false gods.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 8064
Phonetic Pronunciation:shaw-mah’-yim
Root: from an unused root meaning to be lofty
Cross Reference: TWOT – 2407a
Vine’s Words: Heavens

1st heaven is the sky, where birds fly. Above the ground and below the stars and heavenly bodies.
2nd heaven is God’s storehouse. Frost, snow, fire, dust, hail and rain come from, and clouds move in this area.
3rd heaven is where the lights appear to divide the day from the night. The sun, moon and the stars.
4th heaven is the dwelling place of god.


Hebrew Strong’s Number 7307
Phonetic Pronunciation:roo’-akh
Root: from <H7306>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 2131a
Vine’s Words: Spirit

Wind, breath, Spirit of life.
In Gen 1:1, the Holy Spirit of God.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 3117
Phonetic Pronunciation:yome
Root: from an unused root meaning to be hot
Cross Reference: TWOT – 852
Vine’s Words: Day

1 The word represents the period of daylight as contrasted with nighttime.
2 The word denotes a period of twenty-four hours.
3 It can signify a period of time of unspecified duration, as in:

“These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens …”, in which DAY refers to the entire period envisioned in the first six days of creation.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 6153
Phonetic Pronunciation:eh’-reb
Root: from <H6150>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 1689a
Vine’s Words: Evening

From <H6150> (`arab); dusk :- + day, even (-ing, tide), night.
The time of day immediately preceding and following the setting of the sun.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 1242
Phonetic Pronunciation:bo’-ker
Root: from <H1239>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 274c
Vine’s Words: Morning

At the break of day.
The time of day immediately preceding and following the raising of the sun.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 7549
Phonetic Pronunciation:raw-kee’-ah
Root: from <H7554>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 2217a

An expanse, i.e. the firmament or visible arch of the sky.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 1877
Phonetic Pronunciation:deh’-sheh
Root: from <H1876>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 456a

from <H1876> (dasha); a sprout; by analogy grass :- (tender) grass, green, (tender) herb.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 6212
Phonetic Pronunciation:eh’-seb
Root: from an unused root meaning to glisten (or be green)
Cross Reference: TWOT – 1707a

Grass (or any tender shoot) :- grass, herb.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 6529
Phonetic Pronunciation:per-ee’
Root: from <H6509>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 1809a

Fruit; reward; price; earnings; product; result.
Represents the mature edible product of a plant, which is its fruit.
In its first biblical appearance, the word is used to signify both trees and the fruit of trees:


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 6754
Phonetic Pronunciation:tseh’-lem
Root: from an unused root meaning to shade
Cross Reference: TWOT – 1923a
Vine’s Words: Statue

Signifies an image or copy of something in the sense of a replica.
Refers to man’s structural likeness to God, a natural image.


Hebrew Strong’s Number: 1823
Phonetic Pronunciation:dem-ooth’
Root: from <H1819>
Cross Reference: TWOT – 437a
Vine’s Words: Likeness

Signifies the original after which a thing is patterned.
Refers to man’s Spiritual being with which he is supernaturally endowed.
It is this likeness (Holy Spirit) that was lost (died) as a result of the original sin.

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