We welcome your presence across the ministry web platform, appreciate your interaction there, and look forward to hearing from you. Please add your comment, message, or question below to initiate contact after considering the following:

  1. CSM is operated without staff, so time is limited.
  2. Our calling and mission is limited (at this time) to managing the online Bible study at CSMSocial and the development of the Family Study Bible and associated study resources.  The Word and Spirit are our guides. Teachings of others are not solicited, since there is no time to review them for error, or false doctrine.
  3. There is no time to review the hundreds of ministry reports and thousands of updates, videos and photos that are received each week. Please do not send them.
  4. Prayer is lifted for all that are of the Body of Christ, those that are called to work in His name, and situations that come to our attention throughout the week, but we do not have the time, or capacity to read and respond to individual requests.
  5. Funding the ministry and supporting the local Body consumes all available finances, so funding requests can not be considered.

Messages of these types receive a copy/paste response directing to this page for explanation and are deleted without review. Repeated messages of these types are sent to spam.

If your message does not contain any of the above, please initiate contact by comment below, or you may address your letter to:

Chuck Swift Ministries                                                                                                                              P.O.  Box 1 Hodgenville, Ky. 42748

Thanks and Blessings,


2 thoughts on “CONTACT CSM

  1. chuckswift1 Post author

    Thank you for your comment Jeffry (coupon removed). I am glad to explain what may be a problem with ‘editors choice’, rather than frequent misspelling.

    The goal of First Edit, which is where all of the Scripture posts come from, is to remove superfluous and incorrect punctuation and to make some minor sentence structure changes so it will be a better source document for use in the Editing Project. I am also changing select words, such as LORD to Jehovah, thou to you, etc. At times I chose to leave a word or two in the original Elizabethan when I feel it adds emphasis to text. The mixing of those words with current vernacular at times confuses our spell checkers. There’s not much I can do to minimize that at this point, but may I suggest that you click on each and add them to your local spell checker when you come across them? That will stop them from being highlighted, which I agree can be distracting.

    If that’s not the case, I would appreciate it if you would bring it to my attention by comment on the post where the error occurs. That will give me the opportunity to correct it and remove that spelling from my spell checker.


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