BRING YOUR BIBLE STUDY INTO THE 21st CENTURY The new and unique CSM Bible Study Concept harnesses the power of the social web with a revolutionary new study method.

HELP EDIT THE BIBLE!  No Special Editing, or Computer Skills Necessary.


Designed to accommodate those new to the faith and unfamiliar with the Scriptures, yet challenge the scholar, this study Concept has something to offer all.

As the Initial step in the process of editing the Bible online, members will consider and discuss the portions of Scripture being edited right on the social timeline, as you observe the editing work of Associate Editors in various study forums. Those who wish to be involved in a deeper way may join one, or more of many special editing forums.

We’re not quite ready for prime time yet, but we’ve decided to put our unique Social/Study website online anyway so the public could watch as we add features and make adjustments.

We could use some feedback and a few volunteers to take part in the final study trial which we hope to jump off in June.

Please join as a temporary member (no cost – no obligation) and ask questions on both the website and the study method right there on the timeline during this, our awkward adolescence. There’s no obligation.

Temporary members in good standing when the project is officially launched will be invited to re-register as Founding Members at a reduced rate of $1 for the first full membership year. (current estimated savings of $9 for individuals and $49 for *corporate members)

Those who do not wish to continue their membership may chose between having their profile archived (not visible publicly) , or having it deleted.

UPDATE @ 5/19

Keith (our social developer) and I are holding weekly meetings throughout the region to introduce the new social site and the new CSM Bible Study Concept.

If there is a meeting scheduled near you, please RSVP and join us. We’d love to have you.

If you can’t find a meeting that’s near, or the timing just isn’t right, message me. I can fund a day trip to your public venue within 2 1/2 hours of my home for a small group and would be happy too work you into my schedule. If you’re further away, I am willing to reach out beyond 2 1/2 hours by car, but would need help with expenses. Will fly if absolutely necessary.                         Message me on the Meetup app.

Current membership fees are $10/year for an individual and $50 for corporate members. Fees will be adjusted periodically by the Board of Directors to cover expenses.

The Fee is Waived and registration is open while we continue to work on the platform and Everyone is Welcome to drop in and see what’s going on. You can introduce yourself if you like, and take part in the conversations on the timeline. as we make further changes to the site.

When the site is completed and officially launched, existing members in good standing will be invited to register  as Founding Members.

Reduced fee for Founding Members Annual membership fee discounted to $1/individual $10/corporate in exchange for your volunteer commitment of 1 – 3 months as we work the bugs of the new site and make final adjustments to our study procedures.

I personally invite you to JOIN US AS A FOUNDING MEMBER



*Corporate members: Churches and Messianic Assemblies, Sunday and Sabbath schools, Christian schools, Homeschoolers and other established online, or offline study groups.

Unlike individuals, who must be of good will to become members, Corporate membership is restricted to those who are of good will AND who serve the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and believe that Christ came in the flesh as our Redeemer.