Bring your Bible Study into the 21st Century

Unique Concept Harnesses the Power of the Social Web with a Brand New Study Method.

  • Background in Scriptures Not Necessary,
  • Special Editing, or Computer Skills Not Required.
  • Designed to Accommodate the Babe in Christ, yet Challenge the Scholar.
  • Keep Up in as little as 7 Minutes a Day, or 30 Minutes a Week.


          HOW DOES IT WORK?


Timeline and study groups are open in ‘read only’ format, allowing the public to follow.

Completed sections of the online Family Study Bible and associated study resources are free to print for non-profit use.

      Membership is open to all competent English speaking adults of good will.
                             Customs and traditions are not a consideration.

Two Types of Memberships.

1. Associate Editors have their own editable profile and:

  • Commenting privileges on the community timeline where they may visit and chat.
  • ‘Read only’ privileges in all *study groups.
  • May observe, or take part in studies by comment on designated study posts.
  • Vote in editing polls.
  • Open invitation to regional Meetup events as scheduled.


  • Complete required reading under ‘Other’ on the navigation bar.
  • Pass 3 question quiz on required reading.
  • Agree to follow Rules of Decorum.
  • **$1/month member fee.

2. Editors have all of the privileges of Associate Editors and

  • commenting privileges in one or more study group

Plus the option to assist in the development of:

  • Word study synopsis’s.
  • Doctrinal summary statements.
  • Questions for the study resource data base.
  • Editing polls.

Requirements: All of the requirements for an Associate Editor plus:

  • Member in good standing for 90 days.
  • Pass a quiz on previously edited Scripture.
  • $2/month member fee.

*Groups for comprehensive work on original language word meanings, figures of speech, culture of the day, etc.                                                                                                                 **Member fees adjusted to reflect operational costs bi-annually.

Please excuse our dust. We’re still in development.

Updated 1/19/18