Unique New Study Concept! CSMSocial

Harnesses the Power of the Social Web with a Revolutionary New Study Method.

STUDY LEADERS: Add CSMSocial to your current study curriculum, or develop  a new online study group around it.

  • No Special Editing, or Computer Skills Necessary
  • Designed to accommodate the babe in Christ, yet challenge the scholar
  • Keep up in as little as 7 minutes/day or 30 minutes/week

Members will actually HELP EDIT THE BIBLE!


THE SOCIAL TIMELINE is open to the public in ‘read only’ mode, allowing everyone to follow.


Have commenting privileges on the timeline, where they can chat with other members and begin the process of editing the subject text by discussing punctuation, sentence structure, word meanings, culture of the day, figures of speech, archaeological evidences, etc.


Individual Members may join the forum of a Study Leader whose doctrinal beliefs match their own for editing and doctrinal discussions.          (doctrinal studies are not allowed on the timeline)

have comment privileges on the timeline, ‘read only’ access to all archived editing forums and commenting privileges in all active study forums.

Study Leaders in good standing each have a private forum on the site where they can meet with their members for editing and doctrinal discussions off of the timeline.

Study Leaders join in editing discussions on the timeline, and/or with their members in their own private forum, while observing the work of the Content Editors and asking questions to satisfy those from their study. Study leaders then poll their members on editing questions posed by the Content Editors and ‘vote’ their member’s conclusion.

CONTENT EDITORS are elected from among Study Leader members by the full membership. They are responsible for supplemental studies in special forums when necessary and for condensing conclusions into a suitable text for review by the Editing Board,

EDITING BOARD is elected from among Content Editors by the full Study Leader membership.

We’re not quite ready for prime time yet, but our site is secure and functional. We will begin our ‘First Edit’ on December the 7th. Come join us @ CSMSocial.org as a founding member.***

*All competent English speaking persons of good will that will adhere to a few common sense rules are welcome as members, regardless of belief.

**Study Leaders are welcomed from Churches, Messianic Assemblies, Sunday and Sabbath schools, Christian schools, Homeschoolers and other established online, or offline Bible study groups that worship the Creator God of the Bible, acknowledges that Christ came in the flesh and that it is through His sacrifice and the infilling of the Holy Spirit that we receive forgiveness of our sins and eternal life.

***Founding members are recognized in a special listing on the website and have other privileges as described elsewhere.

Updated 10/15/17